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Class 4


Welcome to Class 4. We are a mixed class of Year 5 and 6 children and our teacher is Miss Morrell. Other adults who work in the class are Mrs Truby and Mrs Groves.  

I hope you will enjoy reading this page to find out information about life in Class 4 and what we have been learning.   


Key information for parents

Weekly timetable 

Click here to see a weekly timetable in Class 4 - this might help you know when to bring your PE kit and swimming kit. 

Termly Overview

To find out what Class 4 will be learning during the Summer Term click here.

Spellings and Grammar 

It is expected that by the end of Year 6 children should know all of the spellings from Years 5 and 6 but also those from Years 3 and 4. This includes reading them accurately, spelling them correctly and using them within their written work. Children will revise these spellings and spelling rules throughout English lessons and through their weekly spelling tests. Click on the links below to practise the words with your child. 

Years 3 and 4 spelling mat

Years 5 and 6 spelling mat

Children receive weekly spelling lists on Friday mornings which are stapled into their planners. They then have a week to learn them as they are tested the following Friday at the beginning of the English lesson. It is an expectation they score above 7 out of 10. 

Spelling Shed

Children have the opportunity to practise their spellings at home using Spelling Shed. This is an online website where the weekly spellings will be uploaded for the children to access at home. Each child has their own username and password which has been stapled into their home to school planners. Children should use this information to then log onto the website to play games and practise their spellings. 

Click on the image to gain access to the login page for Spelling Shed.  

We also learn a lot of grammatical terms as part of English lessons during the year. Click here for a glossary of the different terms which may support you with your child's homework and learning. 


Children continue to read books which are book banded in Class 4. It is an expectation that they read their books at least three times before changing them. Please record in their planners when they read and sign it so points can be given for their reading on the reward chart found at the back of their planners. Children can read both their school book and their own books at home although I do expect to see both recorded in their planners. 


Important messages and key diary dates

Year 6 SATs Revision Sessions

Year 6 have the opportunity to attend three SATs revision sessions running after school on Thursday 25th April, Thursday 2nd May and Thursday 9th May. These will run between 3:30pm and 4:30pm. If you missed the letter or have yet to fill it in and require a new copy then please click here

Year 6 SATs Information Session 

If you missed the Year 6 SATs information session on Monday 1st April. Please click here for a copy of the presentation. 

Year 6 Transition Visits to Senior Schools

Please ensure you read any letters you receive from your child's new school for September as they will give details for the visits. However the following dates have been given to us for your child to visit their new school. Any changes to these dates will be notified to you by the schools. 

Friesland School 

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June 

George Spencer

Tuesday 9th July 

The Bramcote School 

Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 



PE on Wednesday afternoon is often outside - whatever the weather! Please make sure your child has the appropriate PE kit - I suggest a white t-shirt/BEST t-shirt, jogging bottoms, a warm (possibly waterproof) PE jacket and older trainers, plus a spare pair of socks. 


Key Dates

Tuesday 23rd April - School re-opens for the Summer Term 

Thursday 25th April, Thursday 2nd May and Thursday 9th May - After school SATs revision sessions 3:30pm - 4:30pm - more information to follow

Week commencing Monday 13th May - Year 6 SATs - please make sure your child is in school every day this week and is well rested in preparation for their tests. (For a full timetable of the SATs tests see the SATs information session presentation). 

Thursday 23rd May - School closes for May Spring Bank holiday (half-term)

Friday 24th May - INSET day 

 Monday 3rd June - School re-opens for the second half of the Summer term

Friday 14th June - School Summer Fair

Week commencing Monday 24th June - Sports Week 

Thursday 11th July - Year 6 trip to Southwell Minster 

Tuesday 16th July - Leavers Disco at St Helen's Church Hall - 6:00pm 

Monday 22nd July - BEST Day Ever 

Wednesday 24th July - Leavers Service at St Helen's at 11:00am 

Wednesday 24th July - School closes for the Summer holidays 



Useful links

BBC Bitesize has useful games and activities to read and play to help with some key areas of learning. Click here to load the page. 

Class 4 find remembering their timetables challenging. There are some useful games on which may prove helpful to some children. 

Topmarks is also a useful website to help you practise some key maths skills. 


What are Class 4 currently learning? 


We started our history topic Ancient Greece in the second half of the Spring Term however because we have so much to learn and have enjoyed it we are continuing it into the first half of the Summer Term. 

Class 4 have already discovered that the first settlers of Ancient Greece came from the island of Crete however they spread to surrounding islands and mainland due to a famous Greek person known as Alexander the Great. We have mapped out where Ancient Greece was located and been able to identify some of the main city states including Sparta, Athens and Corinth. 

We have spent time learning about what life was like for a Spartan and then compared this to life in Athens. As part of this we have compared and contrasted what it was like to be growing up as a boy or girl and what rights and responsibilities the men and women had in each state. 

We have also been able to complete many writing tasks as part of this module including our own Greek myth, diary as an Ancient Greek person, play script writing for different Greek myths, non-chronological reports and poetry about Ancient Greek temples. 

Look out for examples of some of these tasks to come...

On Thursday 28th March we went to Birmingham Museum where we took part in a workshop all about Ancient Greece and looked at different artefacts from this period of history. See below for pictures of this trip. 

First we learned about Ancient Greek theatres and impressed the presenter by our own knowledge of these from school. Then we acted out the story of Pandora's box using props and costumes. 








After the performance of Pandora we learned about the Ancient Greek Olympic sports and how the athletes prepared for their events. This included scraping off the sweat from their skins, wiping it down with a sponge before putting it into a pot which people would drink and use in the hope of becoming as strong - how disgusting is that! The children had the opportunity to feel a discus, javelin and discovered how the athletes prepared for the long jump. We even had own our winners who were crowned with a wreath from an olive branch.







The final element of the Ancient Greek workshop was to take part in a parade and festival. These were often held to celebrate and remember their Greek Gods or Goddesses. The children took part in a drama to re-enact The Festival of Panathenaea which celebrated the life of the Goddess Athena. The children became Athena herself, the dress makers, old people, priest, olive branch bearer, animals which would be sacrificed to the Goddess, musicians and the general public. 







After lunch Class 4 had time to explore other areas of Birmingham museum in particular the Ancient Greece section. In here the children spent time observing the different artefacts and displays to discover information about Ancient Greek life. The children learned about Ancient Greek pottery, lamps, money, daily life and Greek Gods and Goddesses and how these compare with the Roman Gods and Goddesses. 






 A fun day was had by everyone! 



Over the next term Class 4 will be studying 'Living things and their habitat's in science. They will learn about the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and how he invented the first classification of animals and plants before learning about how to group different plants and animals further depending on their properties. The children will discover different life cycles, plus how plants and animals survive in their habitat and reproduce.

Look out for more information about what we have learned over the coming weeks... 



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