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Active Challenges 2021: Week 1

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Healthy Eating 

Mental Wellbeing

Physical activity

Active 60 minutes

Active Challenges 2021: Week 2

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Healthy Eating

Mental Wellbeing

Physical Activity

Active 60 Minutes

Active Challenges 2021: Week 3

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Healthy Eating

Mental Wellbeing

Physical Activity

Active 60 minutes

Active Challenges 2021: Week 4

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                                                       Physical Activity

Healthy Eating

Mental Wellbeing

Active 60 Minutes

       Active Challenges 2021: Week 5

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                                                  Physical Activity  

                                                   Healthy Eating

                                                  Mental Wellbeing

                                                 Active 60 minutes

Active Challenges : Week 6

                                             60 min active challenge

                                                         Staying Active

                                                         Healthy Eating

                                                       Mental Wellbeing


Active Challenges : Week 7

Active Challenge

Mental Wellbeing

 Healthy eating       muffin recipe

Active Challenges : Week 9

                                                      Mental Wellbeing                                   

                                                        Healthy Eating

                                                         Physical activity

Active Challenges : Week 10

Healthy eating

Physical activity challenge

Mental Wellbeing


Celebrating Sports Week June 2020: Sporting Hall of Fame

Eleanor (Class 2) found out about a hockey player called Anne Panter.  She won a bronze medal at the London Olympics in 2012:


Hollie R (Class 2) was very active! Here she is playing football and riding her bike on a 3km track:


Bethany C (Class 3) researched gold-medal-winning swimmer Rebecca Adlington and produced this excellent PowerPoint presentation:


Jacob (Class 3) enjoyed a very sporty week!  Here he is perfecting his catching skills, and flying through the air doing the long jump.  Look at the determination on his face!

Jacob also found out about local cyclist and Commonwealth Games champion Geoff Cooke.


Sienna (Class 3) produced an extremely informative PowerPoint presentation about dance.  You can view her work by clicking the button below:

Sienna's Dance Presentation 


Logan (Class 2) spent some time watching video clips of action-packed sports.  He especially enjoyed snowboarding and dancing.  He also took on the job of PE teacher for the week and it seems like he kept his 'class' (mum!) very busy!


Well done to all of you for taking part in Sports Week at home. We all enjoyed seeing what you have been up to! 

Meanwhile at school, all of the groups enjoyed taking part in various sporting activities with Mrs Colley.  Here are a few of the in-school highlights of Sports Week 2020:


 SPORTS WEEK: 22 - 26 JUNE 2020

Yes, it's happening despite the challenging times!

Every year we all enjoy taking part in Sports Week.  This is a great way of keeping fit, healthy and celebrating sport.  Even though things are a little bit different this year, we would still like to see you take part and have some fun enjoying sport.

Here's Mr Downes to explain more:



Sports Week 2020 -  Timetable:




Monday 22nd june

Sporting Inspirations


As you know we normally have an assembly to introduce our annual sports week. In the past we have invited local sporting champions to inspire and engage us in being more active.


Activity: This year your task is to tell us about a local sporting champion that you know about or research a local sporting hero. We need the name of the person, their sport and their sporting achievements. When we have all this information we can collect it together and create a local sporting hero fact file.  Who knows, next year in our sports week we may be able to invite them into school to tell us all about their achievements and goals?




Sports in the community


Our sports in the community day normally consists of 4 local sports clubs or teams coming into school to involve us in different local sports. Unfortunately this cannot happen this year, but we would love to know about all the local sports and activities you do in your spare time. If you could send us details of any sports teams , groups or clubs that you attend or know about then we can make a list of them and let everyone in school know about them and try to encourage them to get involved or try a new activity.


Activity:  Give yourself a sporting or active challenge to complete. It may be a run around the garden 10 times or throwing an object at a target 5 times etc. Your challenge is personal to you and for you to have a go at and hopefully succeed at.  What will your personal best record be?



Become a PE Teacher for the Day


We normally have a great afternoon when the KS2 children plan and deliver games or sports activities to KS1. Lots of fun is had by all involved!


Activity: Your task this year is everyone to become a PE teacher! I would like you to plan and get involved in making up your own activity using no more than 5 pieces of equipment at home (e.g. chair, cushion, ball, blanket etc) and plan your own obstacle course or game involving this equipment for you or a brother or sister to have a go at. We need a plan, a list of equipment and any instructions so we could possibly have a go at your game at school!



Something Special (Wow day)


This day has always been Mrs Colley’s favourite. In previous years we have brought in providers who have given the children all sorts of exciting opportunities which do not usually come along in PE lessons! We have enjoyed bungee jumping trampolines, climbing walls, scooter and skateboard workshops and crazy golf in recent years. Every child has been involved and we have had the most amazing and adventurous times. This is going to be tough to recreate this year, but…


Activity: Watch some of the video clips below that show some adventurous and exciting sports.  These are the sort of thing that we could never replicate at school, but you should try and move your body in a similar way to the athletes in the videos.  Maybe you could twist and turn like a canoe slalom, or perhaps bend into the positions of the divers? Whatever you do, make sure it is safe! Perhaps someone could take a photo of you in a pose to share with us.


Ski Jumping 


Canoe Slalom 

BMX Biking 

Platform Diving 



A Celebration of sports week


Normally we would have a sports assembly at the end of the week to celebrate all our sporting achievements, activities and challenges. This year we would like to try and replicate this! We would love to see either photos or videos of your obstacle courses with you demonstrating the activity which we can share on the PE page of the website. We also want you to share details (e.g. photos and videos) of your own personal challenges and also any extra sporting or active things that you have been involved with this week either indoors or outdoors.


Just like in the assembly, you will be presented with a special Sports Week award via email.


Here are some more ideas for sports week:

A sports day challenge

More ideas from youth sport trust

Parents guide to national sports week


Sports week may be very different this year but it will not stop us being more active and most importantly in having fun!

We hope you will all take part and we would love to see what you’ve been up to.  Don’t forget to email photos and videos to


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