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Sport Premium

The school has developed a number of partnerships to enrich our sports provision including the Elite Kickboxing, the schools’ swimming service, the local Sports Partnership, Broxtowe Sports, Erewash Valley Gymnastics, Nottingham Moderns Rugby Club, Nottingham Tennis Centre and Premier Sports 

The opportunities offered to children, in the formal and extra curriculum, continue to widen as has involvement in local competitions, festivals and local sports clubs. The after-school programme is full, varied and well managed. Our PE Coordinator, Mrs Colley, has transformed the development of sport at St John’s.  Following a full audit, our provision and practice is now benchmarked against best practice and monitored effectively.

This led to the school being awarded the Gold Sports Mark in 2015…

…and again in 2016

...and again in 2017

...and again in 2018!

We have invested £85,000 on the school playing field over the last couple of years to secure its boundaries and to build our Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA).  We believe that promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is an important part of educating the children.

The government currently provides primary schools with some funding to help promote sport in schools  This is called the PE & Sport Premium.

In 2018/19 86% of Year 6 children were able to swim 25 metres.

You can see how we spent the PE & Sport Premium funding in 2017/18 and the impact this had here.

You can see how we intend to spend the PE & Sport Premium funding in 2018/19 here.

It’s Not All About the Money…

In addition to the PE & Sport premium funding, below is a summary of other ways in which we have engaged children in physical activity this year:

Sports Activity


Children Involved


Intra-school competitions


C3 (30 children)

C4 (29 children)

These are mini-competitions between teams of St John’s children.  So far this year the children have taken part in the following intra-school tournaments:

ü  Basketball

ü  Handball

ü  Rugby

ü  Futsal

Inter-school competitions


Y2 (15 children)

Various from C3 & C4

These are mini-competitions between teams of St John’s children competing against other local schools.  So far this year the children have taken part in the following inter-school tournaments:

ü  Cross country

ü  Tag Rugby

ü  Indoor Rowing

ü  Sports Hall Athletics

ü  Country Dancing

ü  Dry Triathlon

ü  Inclusion Festival

Lunchtime Sports Club


All children in school (102)

Every Wednesday & Thursday our Year 5 & 6 sports leaders organise games for each class, on a rota system.  This has increased participation greatly amongst all children in the school.

Additional Club Coaching


C1 (15 children)

C2 (29 children)

Last year we welcomed a coach from the Tennis Centre to deliver a coaching session to the KS1 children.  We never turn down free offers!

After School Clubs


Various children from C1, 2, 3 & 4

So far this year we have offered after school clubs in the following sports:

ü  Archery

ü  Karate

ü  Multi-skills

ü  Fencing

ü  Football

Signposting to Local Clubs


All children in school (102)

We appreciate we cannot provide all the sporting expertise that is required in every field so we are always keen to promote local sports clubs.

During our Sports Week in 2016 several local clubs (football, gymnastics, cheerleading, kickboxing) delivered taster sessions to the children.  Leaflets were available for everyone to take home.  Club participation raised following this event.


Physical Activity Charts


All children in school (102)

On the playground there are three large charts which set the children physical, aerobic challenges.  They set themselves goals and enjoy trying to beat their own PBs!

Sports Day


All children in school (102)

During our annual Sports Week we hold our traditional sports day.  We feel it is important to retain a competitive element to sport and so all children compete in races, as well as some potted sports.


The table below shows how our commitment to PE and sport has led to increased participation across the school:










Extracurricular Involvement

This is the number of children who have taken part in sports clubs and activities at school, outside of normal PE lessons










Sports Leadership

This is the number of children who have taken responsibility for running additional sporting activities for younger children in school










This is the number of children who have taken part in inter-school competitions, representing St John’s








Out-of-school sports Club Participation

This is the number of children who regularly access sport in their recreational time, away from school, for example playing for football clubs etc.